Shot of Bourbon? This Big Law Partner’s Got You Covered

Lawyers are used to filing paperwork in a pinch. But Mayer Brown partner Russell Nance was motivated like never before when armed state police raided his bourbon business, alleging he and his partners were running an illegal moonshine operation and committing a felony. Police gave them until the end of the week to secure a permit.

They completed the papers to make their new still legal in a couple of hours, recalled Nance, who said the group had just received the still and were beginning to assemble it when the police showed up.

With that initial drama behind them, Nance and his partners—Alex Toomy and Chris Sarpy—earlier this month celebrated the grand opening of their company, Ragged Branch Bourbon, a craft distillery located near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Published on The American Lawyer’s website on April 24, 2017.

PDF: Shot of Bourbon This Big Law Partner s Got You Covered _ The American Lawyer

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