I am an Austin, Texas-based freelance journalist with a passion for covering stories about social justice, gender equity, diversity and inclusion, working parents, mental health and more.

Since entering the journalism business professionally in 2006, I’ve worked for a long-established newspaper in one of Texas’s major metro areas, covered hyperlocal news for a Houston media startup and freelanced for the nation’s major wire services. As a staff reporter for five years for Texas Lawyer magazine, I wrote about lawsuits, the criminal and civil justice systems, lawyers and judges, and new legislation. I’ve covered all branches of Texas state government at all levels.

I became a freelance journalist in 2016, and since then, my work has appeared in national legal newspapers, magazines and websites such as the National Law Journal, American Lawyer, the ABA Journal, The National Jurist and law.com. I’ve also written about the journalism industry for Quill magazine and covered cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for various publications.

I’m primarily a reporter and writer, but also have skills in podcast hosting, videography, photography and web production. I graduated in 2006 with top honors from The University of Texas at Austin with duel degrees in journalism and government.