Meet the Woman With the Highest Score on the Texas Bar Exam

Lynne Powers is remarkable in more ways than one. Even though she earned her law degree outside the Lone Star State, she snagged the highest score on the Texas bar exam.

She’s also only the third woman in the last 10 years to earn the top marks on the July exam.


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‘Mother of Animal Law’ Parlayed Her Passion Into a Profession

One of Joyce Tischler’s earliest memories as a child was bringing home an injured bird to nurse back to health. That passion to help animals propelled her to a career with the Animal Legal Defense Fund, which she has led for more than three decades.

“It wasn’t a career path when I started down it—there was no animal law,” said Tischler, 63. “We invented it.”

People who know Tischler use words like “pioneer” and “visionary” to describe her. Tischler said she can’t remember who first called her “the Mother of Animal Law,” but the title stuck. Tischler’s peers say it’s an apt moniker for the lawyer who may have penned the first legal article about animal rights, “Rights for Nonhuman Animals: A Guardianship Model for Dogs and Cats,” while still in law school.


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Atlanta Attorney’s Documentary on Gender Bias Features Legal Pioneers

The legal profession has come a long way from the 1940s and 1950s when many law firms blocked women from litigation departments and wouldn’t let them sign their names to legal work.

But it hasn’t come far enough, says lawyer and filmmaker Sharon Rowen.


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Lawyer Found Guilty in Money Laundering Case

A Texas attorney and two co-conspirators face 40 years in prison after a federal jury on Friday convicted them in a case involving defrauding lawyers and law firms across the nation out of at least $8.8 million.

Attorney Perry Don Cortese of Little River, Texas, and his co-defendants were convicted of conspiracy to commit international money laundering and conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, according to U.S. Attorney A. Lee Bentley III of Florida.


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Though Not the Diva, Justice Ginsburg Snags Juicy Part in Opera

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been promoted.

Ginsburg—a passionate, lifelong opera fan—will have a speaking part as The Duchess of Krakenthorp in the Nov. 12 opening night of the opera, “The Daughter of the Regiment,” presented by the Washington National Opera.


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Dementia Dilemma: When Older Partners Pose a Liability

He’s a senior partner at the firm—an accomplished, 50-year attorney and beloved mentor—who has begun to arrive late for court. He forgets key facts in cases. He dresses a little sloppily. He’s frequently impatient and quick to anger.

It’s a scenario that’s becoming more common as baby boomers enter retirement age. The normal reaction from his colleagues is to ignore the problem or make excuses for the behavior of their esteemed partner. But that reaction could wind up hurting the aging attorney, his clients and the law firm if the real reason behind the change is age-related cognitive impairment, most frequently caused by dementia.

“It is a competence issue,” said Patrick Krill, founder of Krill Strategies, which consults with law firms about lawyer mental health and substance abuse issues. “If a lawyer is in cognitive decline or otherwise impaired, the risk to the firm and to the client is very real, irrespective of what is potentially causing that decline or impairment.”


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Pumping and Practicing: A Delicate Balance for Breastfeeding Lawyers

Working mothers who nurse must express their breast milk—a process that takes about 20 minutes—every two to three hours to supply food for their babies and cue their bodies to continue making enough milk. For lawyer moms, who often practice at the whim of client demands, it’s a huge challenge to keep a set schedule to pump their milk, especially in a profession in which when they often can’t control times for meetings, breaks and court appearances.


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