Texas Law School Enrollment Outpaces National Percentage Growth

The size of this year’s entering class at Texas law schools rose by 4 percent this year compared to last, but total enrollment numbers for 2017 still dropped by 0.3 percent.

Legal educators closely watch the size of the first-year class, since it has financial implications for a law school for the next three years. There were 2,199 first-year law students at the 10 Texas law schools in the Fall of 2017, which is 89 students more than the Fall of 2016.


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Surviving Law School: Advice From Those Who Know

As summer winds to an end, a new crop of law students is preparing for the grueling first year of law school, and veteran students are gearing up to return to studying.

Before Texas law schools open their doors for a new school year in late August, Texas Lawyer reached out to members of law school communities across the Lone Star State, asking for their advice for new and returning students. Students, deans, professors, career services deans and student affairs professionals answered the call.

Here are their tips for new and returning law students to tackle their studies and navigate their career paths, while staying happy and healthy. Their responses have been edited for brevity, clarity and style.

Published in Texas Lawyer magazine’s August 2017 issue.

PDF: Surviving Law School Advice From Those Who Know _ Texas Lawyer